The DevSecOps Professional course is our most sought-after DevSecOps Training and Certification program.

In this course, you will learn:

  • DevSecOps processes, tools, and techniques.
  • Major components in a DevOps Pipeline.
  • How to create and maintain DevSecOps pipelines using SCA, SAST, DAST, and Security as Code.
  • How to mature an organization’s DevSecOps Program.

The Certified Threat Modeling Professional (CTMP) is a vendor-neutral course and certification program that is designed to assess the threat modeling expertise of a security professional.

Threat modeling is an essential skill for any security professional. More and more organizations are increasingly seeking threat modeling as an indispensable skill. This course is designed to give students a practical understanding of Threat modeling, covering not only the theory but immediately applicable tools and techniques. The course is project-oriented, with 20+ hands-on labs that will put your newly gained knowledge into action and guide you along the way.

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